Turn in Applications to:

Paper Applications should be returned to the school cashier or nutrition manager.

Applying online is a quick and easy way to submit your Free and Reduced Meal Application. 



You are responsible for the cost of your child's meals until you receive official notification of eligibility.  Please send a lunch or lunch money until you receive written notification that your child is eligible for free/reduced meals.


Meal Applications

Apply for Free/Reduced Meal Benefits Online!

Online application is simple, quick, and confidential.

Use this Link to Apply : https://frapps.horizonsolana.com/SPAC01 




Free and Reduced Price Meals are available to families who believe they may qualify. If your family chooses to apply please complete a "Free and Reduced Meal Price Application Form." The forms can be obtained and returned (completed) to any school office. You will be notified of your child's status. Until notification you must provide your child with a lunch or lunch money.

You are responsible for any meal charges that are made prior to official notification of eligibility for free or reduced meals.  Please send a lunch or lunch money with your child until you receive written notification of eligibility.

NOTE:  Free-Reduced Meal Benefits from the prior school year expire in September.  If your child received free or reduced meals last school year, you must complete a new application by September or your benefits will expire and your child will move to a full-price pay status.  

For additional information on applying for  Free and Reduced Price Meals, contact GSCS School Nutrition at 770-229-3710 ext. 10410.