What's New

What's New?

 New in School Nutrition for 2017-18

  • Six schools have been added to the Special Provision 2 program which provides breakfast and lunch at no charge to all students, regardless of income.  To assure that the system received Federal reimbursement for the meals served at no charge, families in these schools should complete and return a free/reduced meal application.  The six new Provision 2 sites are:  Cowan Road Elementary, Jackson Road Elementary, Jordan Hill Elementary, Carver Road Middle, Kennedy Road Middle, and Griffin High School.  
  • The GSCS Board of Education revised the Meal Payment Policy.  Regulations do not allow the School Nutrition Program to have a negative meal payment account, so students are expected to have meal benefits or to pay for meals at the time of service.  If a student does not have means to pay for a meal, they should report to the school office prior to meal service for assistance.  A copy of the revised policy is found on the GSCS website. Parents and students are encouraged to read the policy.  
  • Pre-K programs have a new set of meal guidelines.  These new guidelines are designed to reduce the amount of sugar that younger students receive in meals.  The changes include:  limits on the amount of juice served in a day, reduction in the amount of sugar in cereal and yogurt, and offering only unflavored (plain) milk.  These guidelines impact Pre-K breakfast, lunch, and after-school programs. 

We will keep you updated on the new information on School Nutrition as it shared with us.  If you have questions, please contact Laura Youmans, Director of School Nutrition at 770-229-3700 or laura.youmans@gscs.org.

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